We welcome all genuine naturists to our club, individuals & couples - experienced naturists and first-timers.

If you want to join us for a session, please use the contact form to let us know when you wish to attend. We can then arrange a mutually convenient date for each visit.
Don't just turn up without contacting us beforehand; you will be turned away!

Please note that we don't take payment by Credit or Debit card. Payment has to be in cash. Admission charges for visitors & guests:
£15 (in Cash) per individual.
Aged 18 to 30 or female: £10 per individual.
Currently FREE admission for all females on their first two visits.

Visitors & Guests can attend a maximum of 3 times a year; but each visit has to be pre-booked.

Nudity is required in the pool, sauna and steam room, but women may wear bikini bottoms if necessary or until they feel comfortable being completely nude. However, for the first 2 visits by a female it is "Costume's Optional". See "Costume's Optional" page for details.

Photo ID (e.g. Drivers Licence PhotoCard) with proof of address is required for admittance for your first visit each year.

The Membership fee is just £20 per year (April - March). This includes an individual or couple. Members can also bring pre-booked guests to a session for the normal visitor fee.
Aged 18-30 Membership, half price ( £10 ).

Admission charges for members for each sessions:
£10 per individual.
Aged 18 to 30: £5 per individual.
Currently half price admission, £5 for all female members.

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