Costumes Optional

Our club appreciates that the first visit to a naturist swimming and sauna session can be a bit daunting for some. From past experience, usually the female partner of a couple. Also, there are a number of couples where one partner is reluctant to go nude on a first visit.

Therefore, to make it easier for those that feel this way to try our sessions, for the first couple of visits, it is "Costume's Optional". That's swimming costumes or bikini's optional.

Over 90% of the people that have tried our "Costume's Optional" sessions have either taken off their costume before the end of the session or returned next time without a costume!

So, if you want to attend, please remember that for your first two sessions you don't have to strip off, unless you want to. There will be no pressure on you to go "au-naturel".

We have also arranged to use the "Family Changing Rooms" adjacent to the sauna and steam room, for those females that don't want to change in the usual mixed environment. Therefore, just ask and we can let you use the family changing rooms.

If you have a partner or friend that would maybe like to give it a try, then please encourage them to join us.

If you or they have any questions or need further information, take a look at the rest of our website or just ask.

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