Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is anyone allowed to visit or join Western Swimming Club? We welcome all genuine naturists to our club; individuals & couples - experienced naturists and first-timers. Visitors can attend a maximum of 3 times a year; but each visit has to be pre-booked. If we have membership vacancies and you fit in with the club ethos, you will be invited to become a member.

2. How do we arrange to visit Western Swimming Club? If you want to join us for a session, please use the contact form to let us know you wish to attend. We can then arrange mutually convenient dates for each visit. Please note that we can only accept a few visitors per session, as the club is well supported by existing members, and our booking with the Leisure Centre has a limit on the number of attendees. Therefore, please don't turn up without agreeing a date with us beforehand, as you will be turned away.

3. What times are the sessions at Chepstow & what do I need to bring? The sessions at Chepstow Leisure Centre start at 7:30pm until 9:30pm every Friday. Please ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes before. You need to bring Photo ID, with proof of address for your first visit (or if you have not been for over three months as a visitor or are a past member), means of payment (debit or credit card only), £1 for lockers (refundable), small towel to sit on in the sauna and steam room, a drink to stay hydrated when using the sauna, large towel for drying, shampoo and shower gel and a friendly personality.

4. Why do I/We need to provide ID? Like all responsible Naturist Clubs, to comply with good safeguarding practices, we require proof of ID whenever someone new wishes to attend (or if you have not been for over three months as a visitor or are a past member). Current BN membership card or Driving Licence Photo Card are ideal, or Passport with recent Utility Bill. We don't want to put any genuine naturists off, but we know that very occasionally people try to go to naturist events using false names or for the wrong reasons. Therefore, we do our best to make sure they are not admitted. We want all our members and visitors to feel safe, so we don't admit casual visitors who just 'turn up on the door' without contacting us beforehand.

5. Do I have to be a member of British Naturism? No. It is not essential to be a member of British Naturism to attend or join our club.

6. How many usually attend and what is the balance between males and females? The club has over 50 members. We usually have about 15 - 25 attending each week, but this varies depending on the time of year. The usual balance of men to women is about 40% female to 60% male, but this varies from session to session. We would be pleased if more women and couples attended more regularly, though all are welcome.

7. Is it OK for women to wear bikini bottoms? Women may wear bikini bottoms if necessary or until they feel comfortable being completely nude. Also, for their first 2 sessions it is
"Costume's Optional" for females, so they can get used to the naturist atmosphere until they feel comfortable being nude.

8. What is the age range of those that attend? We have all ages from 18 up to some over 70. The majority are in the 30 - 60 age group. Under 18s are welcome, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and supervised at all times. You must be 16 years or older to use the steam and sauna facilities.

9. Is it OK if we trim or remove our pubic hair, have tattoos or piercings? It does not matter if you keep your pubic hair, trim or remove it. Also, we have no objection to tattoos or piercings as long as they are not flaunted sexually.

10. Does the club operate a waiting list? At times when we are busy with enquiries, we might have to ask you to wait until a visitor slot becomes available. This allows us to manage numbers, helps our door team and greeters to be available to deal with visitors when they arrive.

11. Is Western Swimming Club safe? Absolutely. The club is a safe place where members & visitors can enjoy the innocence of a nude skinny dip, sauna or steam room without the unwelcome advances of others. Photography is also not allowed without permission from the Club Committee. Any member(s) or visitor(s) who displays any form of inappropriate behaviour will be immediately expelled from the venue and their details notified to British Naturism to warn other genuine naturist clubs.

12. Do men ever become aroused? The thing you will notice when you are in a naturist environment is that it is not sexual in any way. Therefore, it is very unlikely to occur. But if you feel that you may be getting aroused then you just need to make an effort to cover it up; you can swim in the pool or wrap a towel around yourself; it is not acceptable to walk around aroused.

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