You may have seen a news item about the club in the media in 2013. As usual, some of the media tried to sensationalise it rather than report the true facts, so here is our side of the story of what actually happened:

On our first session of the year in 2013, a "Costume's Optional" session for partners and friends, a lady was found in the sauna after our club members were given the "All Clear" to enter the changing rooms, pool and health suite. As usual, there were signs up stating that the public had to be out before our session started because it was closed for a private booking.

As it was a "Costume's Optional" session, our club members just assumed that she was one of the new people taking advantage of the option for her first session. Shortly after she was joined in the sauna (it wasn't "invaded" by our club members) she left and headed for the changing room, where people were not "running around naked" but just getting undressed as usual. Those in the pool that saw her also assumed that she was someone new and noticed that she was smiling and looked amused rather than shocked, so assumed she was off to the changing room to remove her costume and join in with the rest of us.

However, it turned out she was off to get dressed realising her mistake of being present during a private booking. At the time she did not say anything or complain to the Club or Leisure Centre staff but was still in the mixed changing room over half an hour later when we had finished doing the door and went in to get undressed. However, she could have easily used the family changing room where she could have got dressed in private.

The Leisure Centre carried out an investigation of how the woman had remained in the sauna and it turned out that after the pool, sauna and steam room had been cleared and confirmed empty, she went into the sauna whilst the men’s changing room was being checked, either not seeing, not understanding or ignoring the notices saying it was closed for a private booking. In future, the Leisure Centre have told us they will lock the Health Suite once they have cleared and checked it to make sure someone can't make the same mistake again.

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